Hello there!


Ki (or chi/qi) is energy. Like air, we can’t see it, but it’s all around us, and makes up every being, object, particle, and even thought and emotion.

All who have studied science, as well as meditation, martial arts, Tai Chi, yoga, Reiki, etc., know this, and are able to channel their personal energy. This is the aim of The Ki Chain – to make every Ki Ring a solid, integral part of our Chain.

You could also pronounce it “qui” as it is Ā in most Latin-based languages (“who” you are!) šŸ™ƒ

It is the essence of everything in which I’m deepening my knowledge as an Energy worker. I like to consider myself a student of life.

My current subjects of focus are meditation (zen and chakra), shadow work, NLP hypnotherapy, ASMR (Auto Sensory Meridian Response) from a research standpoint, intuition, writing (my passion!) thus journaling, and coaching. I’m an eclectic, introverted, creative and empathic soul, with a pronounced ambition to help those who are shunned by society yet who need the most help.

Like myself, my blogsite is still in its chrysallis phase. During this time, I’ll be posting content I follow, as well as a log of my quiet journey much off the beaten path.

Those who would like to accompany me are most welcome… I hope you brought a GPS! Ā ^_^


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